Basic Instinct 2

, Nudity, Strong Language, Sexual Situations, Violence, Coarse Language

Crime Drama Sequel Mystery Suspense/thriller


Sizzling sequel has Sharon Stone returning as icy cool seductress Catherine Tramell. This time she's in London and is being probed about her role in the death of a soccer superstar, while getting a psychiatrist (David Morrissey) all hot and bothered. Directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Charlotte Rampling, Hugh Dancy, David Thewlis, Stan Collymore. Also known as "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction."

David Morrissey
Hugh Dancy
David Thewlis
Sharon Stone
Jan Chappell
Anne Caillon
Indira Varma
Christopher Brand
Charlotte Purton
Vee Vimolmal
Charlotte Rampling
Terence Harvey
Adam Allfrey
Danielle Lydon
Flora Montgomery
Stan Collymore
Ellen Thomas
Neil Maskell
Kata Dobo
Heathcote Williams
Charlie Simpson
Iain Robertson


Released 2006