At Close Range

, Strong Language, Violence

Crime Drama Crime Drama


Fact-based story of a bored, brooding teen lured into a life of crime by his smooth-talking, long-lost father who's come back into his life in 1978 rural Pennsylvania.

Crispin Glover
Christopher Walken
David Strathairn
Sean Penn
Kiefer Sutherland
Mary Stuart Masterson
Bob McDivitt
Marshall Fallwell Jr.
Charles 'Tatoo' Jensen
Doug Anderson
Gary Gober
Alan Autry
Terry Baker
E.R. Davies
Tracey Walter
James Foley
Christopher Penn
R.D. Call
Chris Penn
Nancy Sherburne
Myke Mueller
Noelle Parker
Millie Perkins
Stephen Geoffreys
Jake Dengel
Bonita Hall
Eileen Ryan
Terri Coulter
Candy Clark
Paul Herman
Janie Draper
Anna Levine
Michael Edwards
J.C. Quinn


Released 1986