The Young Messiah

, Adult Themes, Violence

Drama Religion


As his family travel from Egypt to Nazareth, a 7-year-old Jesus wishes to learn more about his identity and place in the world in this stirring biblical drama. Meanwhile, Herod Antipas dispatches a Roman centurion to kill the boy, whose miraculous powers might be a threat to his reign.

Sean Bean
David Bradley
Jarreth J. Merz
Vincent Walsh
Lee Boardman
Rory Keenan
Simone Spinazze
Jonathan Bailey
Jane Lapotaire
Giselda Volodi
Agni Scott
Matt Patresi
Christian McKay
Jarreth Merz
Isabelle Adriani
David Burke
Adam Greaves-Neal
Sara Lazzaro
Finn McLeod Ireland
Lois Ellington
Finn Ireland
Dorotea Mercuri
Lydia Muijen
Douglas Dean


Released 2016